Florabank Training

It is a self-paced, online training course for the Florabank Guidelines. The course covers all Guidelines and is arranged into four modules:

Module 1: Collection - Introduction (Guideline 1), Seed Sourcing (Guideline 2) and Seed Collection (Guideline 5).

Module 2: Cleaning - Seed Cleaning (Guideline 5) and Seed Drying and Storage (Guideline 6).

Module 3: Storage - Seed Drying and Storage (Guideline 6), Seed Quality (Guideline 7) and Seed Germination Testing (Guideline 8).

Module 4: Production - Seed Production Areas (Guideline 4), Seed Enhancement Technologies (Guideline 9), Nursery Propagation (Guideline 10) and Direct Seeding (Guideline 11).

The remaining Guidelines are covered in multiple modules.

Badges indicating successful completion of each module will be displayed on your user profile once you complete the course.

To access the training, please first Sign Up or Sign In to Florabank.