Natural populations

Xerochrysum viscosum occurs as scattered populations on the inland slopes and plains ofNew South Wales and Victoria. It is a annual or sometimes perennial herb growing 20–80 cm tall which grows in open woodland and sclerophyll forest, usually on sandy to sandy loam soils [43].  Xerochrysum viscosum was previously named Bracteantha viscosa, and originally as Helichrysum viscosum.

Flowering and seeds

The plants flower and set seed in spring – summer. Seed is easily germinated with no pre-treatment.

Cultivation and uses

This species is not widely cultivated but it is an attractive flowering plant for a rockery or in the understorey [126].

Key descriptors:
Climate parameters
Mean annual rainfall: 450-1200 mm
Rainfall distribution pattern: summer, uniform or winter
Mean annual temperature: 7-20 °C
Mean max. temperature of the hottest month: 24-32 °C
Mean min. temperature of the coldest month: -2-3 °C
Frosts (approx. no. per year): greater than 20
Frost intensity: light to moderate (0 to -5°C)
Altitude: 200-1050 metres
Biological traits under cultivation
Habit: annual herb or perennial herb
Longevity: an annual


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