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Species Navigator - a Florabank decision support tool

About Species Navigator
Species Navigator is designed to help you find the information you need to select the best and most suitable seed for your revegetation project. Based on the best available science, Florabank recommends that when selecting species and obtaining seed for your revegetation project you consider:

  1. Taxonomy (identify the correct species, subspecies or variety for your site)
  2. Adaptation (make sure that the seed comes from a site with similar climatic and environmental conditions to your planting site - Species Navigator is designed to help here)
  3. Physical and genetic quality (the seed must have high genetic diversity and be stored under optimal conditions - Species Navigator also has a seed collection advice component)
  4. Proximity of the seed source (if all other conditions are met, collect seed locally).

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'How to' guides to help you get the most out of Species Navigator

Guide to using the Species Navigator
Download the guide here

Species Navigator Offline Scoring Sheet
This tool works with the Site Descriptor tool to help you to gather all the information needed about your site and your planning requirements so that you can get the most out of Species Navigator. Download the offline scoring sheet

Site Descriptor Tool
The Site Description Tool is designed to be used with the Species Navigator and Offline Scoring Sheet. It can also be used to describe the environment at your site and give you valuable information for property planning and choosing revegetation species suitable to your site.

Seed Collection Advisor
The Seed Collection Advisor is designed to help you maximise the genetic quality of collected seed.
Download the Seed Collection Advisor user guide

Species Navigator

You can use the Species navigator as an interactive tool by responding to the choices in the top left hand box below. This will give you a short-list of suitable species in the top right hand box. Each species has a fact sheet which you can access by clicking on the page icon to the left of the species name.

List of Fact Sheets
You can access the list of Fact Sheets here

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