Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Florabank's new online tools launched

Florabank's new Web-tools are now online

Florabank is pleased to announce the launch of our new online tools - Species Navigator, Native Vegetation Management Tool and Floradata Online.  You can access these new tools through the Seed Knowledge menu.   


Species Navigator is a multi-purpose decision support tool for planning revegetation projects or seed collection, with species selection and seed collection advice to maximise the genetic quality of seed.  Go to Species Navigator


The Native Vegetation Management Tool assists with revegetation planning, techniques and maintenance. Go to the Native Vegetation Management Tool. 


Floradata Online can help people who are collecting, propagating and establishing native species. Go to Floradata Online


The new online tools are the result of several years of work by Greening Australia and our Florabank partner CSIRO, with support from the Australian Government through the Natural Heritage Trust. 


These tools will be revised and updated on a regular basis.  If you need information on particular species that are not currently included in Species Navigator or Floradata Online, please email an  Information Request form to us at florabank@greeningaustralia.org.au.  Information requests will be used to prioritise species for data sourcing and research, but will not be responded to individually.  If you have constructive feedback on any of these tools, or additional information that you think should be included in the Native Vegetation Management Tool, please contact us at florabank@greeningaustralia.org.au.