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Sources of information

Most of the data used in Species Navigator and information presented in the Fact Sheets were derived from published sources in the public domain. Unpublished data from the CSIRO Australian Tree Seed Centre were used to populate some of the descriptors used in Species Navigator and in the Fact Sheets, particularly for lesser-known species. Information on plant distributions was mainly based on data supplied by State and Territory Herbaria. Botanical names are consistent with the Australian Plant Name Index.

Location coordinates were used to generate climatic data for numerous species presented in Species Navigator using the program ESOCLIM from the ANUCLIM 5.1 package (Houlder et al. 2000). Distribution maps were generated from the location coordinates using MAPINFO 5.0. Carol Verner (Mapping Consultant and Coordinator, Greening Australia Queensland) provided mapping assistance for a number of the maps. Other maps presented or linked to a website are copyright of the Bureau of Meterology, Geoscience Australia, or the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts for the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia (IBRA) maps.

Images used by Maurice McDonald are either copyright of the author or the CSIRO Australian Tree Seed Centre's image archive. Specific information on any of these images is available on request. Images used in Fact Sheets by Toni Tyson-Doneley were sourced from Brian Walters (Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants), Todd Berkinshaw (Greening Australia, South Australia), Hugh Nicholson (Terania Rainforest Publishing); and Paul Donatiu and Han van Beek (Greening Australia Nursery, Queensland).

For more information about Species Navigator please email: florabank@greeningaustralia.org.au

Taxa and contributors in this version of Species Navigator

Taxa presented in Species Navigator are listed below with the author of each treatment represented by an asterisk (*Maurice McDonald) or a cross (+Toni Tyson-Doneley, Greening Australia). We hope to continually add species to the key in order to eventually cover most of the species used in revegetation throughout Australia. If there is a species you would like covered in future version, or to let us know about any errors, please email us at florabank@greeningaustralia.org.au.

Download the full list of taxa included in the Species Navigator