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Floradata Online

A guide to collection, storage and propagation of Australian native plant seed

What is Floradata?

Floradata is a searchable database containing information on seed collection months, seed viability and germination, seed treatments and propagation methods. Where possible, information on species flowering, fruiting and seed storage has also been collated in the database.

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Search Flowering, Fruiting and Collection data by species

1. Select the Data Source
Floradata uses two databases - Survey data and Test Data. The Test data was from replicated scientific trials, the Survey data was from people collecting and propagating the species. Both are useful, and we recommend searching each, particularly if not much data is available for the species you are interested in.

2. Search by Species - Latin Names and Common Names
Floradata enables you to search for species by Latin or Common Name. Latin names are the most reliable and recommended. Common names differ amongst regions, hence a species may have several common names or a common name may refer to several species. This may lead to misidentification. The plant species taxonomy used in Floradata was the most recent name listed under the Australian Plant Names Index available from the Australian National Botanic Gardens web site in 2001. Florabank is currently working towards an updated and comprehensive species list for Floradata. You can notify us of taxonomic changes for the species you are interested in by posting an information request.

3. Report
A report will be generated for the species you requested. Remember to also look at the other data source (Test or Survey) as this may contain additional useful data.


To Search Propagation and Establishment by species:

Note that this information should be updated to a new format in 2009, one that will also include seed storage data where available. We have provided the original "Propagation and Establishment" document from Floradata 2001 here.

  1. Follow the link here
  2. Select the letter of the Genus name (e.g. E for Eucalyptus)
  3. Scroll down the document until you find the species you were looking for.
  4. To access the list of data sources and their codes used in this document download the data sources pdf.

Download the original Floradata propagation and establishment document that allows you to search for methods of propagating or establishing plants by species. This information will be included in the online version soon.


Florabank is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by Floradata. This information was provided for public use by multiple sources in good faith, but Florabank and its partners do not assume any liability of any kind whatsoever resulting from any person's use or reliance upon the content of Floradata.

Floradata (2001) was a collaboration between the Australian Centre for Mining Environmental Research and the Florabank partners - Greening Australia, CSIRO through the Australian Tree Seed Centre, and the Australian National Botanic Gardens, edited by Warren Mortlock and Michael Lloyd. The original version of Floradata was published as a CD and accompanying User's Guide. A list of the people and organisations who contributed to the initial development of Floradata can be found here.

In 2008, Florabank updated Floradata to this online format in order to review and revise the publication, thanks to funding from the Australian Government through the Natural Heritage Trust. Acknowledgements for the 2008 Floradata Online update: Penny Atkinson, Owen Cox, David Carr.