Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Florabank website re-launched

Florabank, Australia's premier native seed resource is up and running again thanks to an injection of funds from the Natural Heritage Trust.

After the initial funding round ended in 2002, the Florabank website and its wealth of resources continued to receive thousands of hits per month. Greening Australia felt that this continuing interest in Florabank and its goals was a strong motivator to re-launch Florabank and make it better than ever!

Thanks to the Australian Government and the NHT, over the coming months you will see significant updates and useful products added to this site, as well as more information on workshops for seed collection, handling and storage that are currently being developed for delivery across Australia.

For more information, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.

Florabank is an initiative of the Australian Government, funded by the Natural Heritage Trust and delivered by Greening Australia, ENSIS (The Joint Forces of CSIRO and SCION) and Agtech Pty Ltd.