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Florabank Training Information

Florabank is offering an advanced professional development course in seed collection and management. 

Why is this course running?
This course is running to provide seed professionals with accreditation and credentials to assist the seed industry in promoting and rewarding best-practice.  At present there is no market-based mechanism to differentiate best quality seed (from known sites, a large number of parent plants and of good viability) from poor-quality seed (from unknown sites, with unknown parents and unknown viability). 
Seed collection and management methods can affect the genetic and physical quality of seed, and seed professionals with Florabank accreditation will be able to supply high quality seed and to use their Florabank Certificate to demonstrate their professional competency.
What is different about Florabank Training?
Florabank Training is more advanced and comprehensive than the current available training through the VET system or other seed courses.  In addition to receiving Florabank accreditation, by completing course and assessment for Florabank Training, you will automatically qualify for credit in the VET Certificate III level unit FPIGM3201A 'Manage Seed Collection'.
The Florabank Training material is more in-depth than the Certificate III level unit, and contains unique information about the genetics and provenance of seed.  Florabank accredited seed collectors and suppliers will have the knowledge to ensure that good quality seed is collected, even from fragmented landscapes. 
The assessment for the course is workplace based, and will involve demonstrating competency in the whole process from planning to collecting, extracting, storing and supplying seed.
Course Presenters and Delivery
The Florabank Training Course will be presented by two presenters - a seed scientist from CSIRO's Australian Tree Seed Centre, and by a Greening Australia specialist in seed collection and management for restoration. Florabank Training presenters have vast experience working with Australian native seed. 

The course includes lectures and a range of related activities.  Where possible (depending on course location and available facilities) we will also try to include Guest lectures presented by local seed scientists and specialists, and a talk and tour of a seed facility.  This is not always possible if held in Regional areas, but Regional courses have other advantages.  There will always be a field trip to further explore areas of interest, to put the learning into context, and to do some further practical activities which need to be done outdoors.

The course is assessed by qualified assessors through Greening Australia Qld's Registered Training Office. 
Florabank Professional Development Training Modules
 Florabank Professional Development Training Modules.pdf

This course is delivered on a fee-for service basis. Contact Florabank to find out more details on future course locations around Australia, timing and costs (generally around $1500 per person, depending on location). 

Florabank is now registered as a training provider for the FarmReady program (funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests).  This means that primary producers and indigenous land managers can register with FarmReady to do the Florabank training course.  They can then claim for reimbursement of course costs and related expenses from FarmReady.  Information on FarmReady and elegibility can be found here.

Florabank is always keen to hear from organisations who would be interested in working with us to deliver a course in their area.  Several NRM Regions have held Florabank Training courses and subsidised the attendance of local seed collectors in order to increase their skills and to improve local seed supply capacity.  Other organisations that may be interested in working with us are local governments, mining companies and TAFE colleges - contact Florabank if your organisation may be interested in hosting Florabank training.

In 2010, Florabank worked with the Communities in Landscapes project to deliver three Florabank Training courses in NSW, and another Florabank Training course that were planned for Brisbane from 30 November to 3 December 2010.

To register your interest in  future courses, please email the Florabank Manager.