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What is Florabank?

Florabank recognises and shares the best available knowledge from research and practice in native species seed management. Florabank supports a professional and clever seed industry, encouraging quality and choice for buyers of native Australian seed. In so doing, Florabank:

  • Provides the best information and resources available to the Australian native seed sector, by:

    • Creating and maintaining a nationally relevant, native seed resource and information Internet portal - the Florabank website, valued and used by native seed suppliers, buyers, landholders and other NRM stakeholders. The Florabank website facilitates coordination for seed industry stakeholders and improve standards within the industry

    • Providing accredited Florabank training workshops that set nationally recognised, common benchmarks for seed collection and supply. Workshops can be held in each state and territory, and focus on incorporating new innivations in seed science, harvesting and technology to improve practices in the native seed industry.

  • Developed locally and regionally adaptable online decision support tools for the native seed industry, which are available on the from Florabank website:
    • Native Vegetation Management Tool, helping NRM practitioners to determine the best revegetation options for their site or project objectives;
    • Species Navigator, using the Lucid software to allow revegetators in pilot regions to select appropriate species for their site and purpose;
    • Seed Collection Advisor, enabling seed collectors to maximise genetic diversity at their collection sites or collect from species provenance ranges for revegetation sites where local provenance is important;
    • Site Description Tool, guiding enabling users to best describe their revegetation site; and
    • Links to Greening Australia's Native Vegetation Resource Directories with up to date information on native seed research, best management practices, and key references;
    • These tools and services, and our website re-development were developed by Greening Australia in partnership with CSIRO and were funded by the Australian Government through the Natural Heritage Trust.

  • Foster a market of "premium price for premium seed" by recognising different standards of seed collection, handling and storage procedures