Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Florabank Species Navigator - our most popular resource

Florabank is assisting thousands of people every month who want to collect seed, propagate, grow or use Australian native species. The Florabank Species Navigator is now our most popular online resource.  Species Navigator is a unique tool which brings together biophysical and ecological information about species - information which is not easily found - into an interactive key.  Around 20 of the top 25 Florabank webpages accessed per month are Species Navigator Fact Sheets, and well over 6000 Fact Sheets are accessed every month.  

We have now added a list of all the species fact sheets to the Species Navigator page.  Now you can use this list to quickly find information on species of interest to you, or you can still use the Species Navigator interactive key to find the species most suited to your site and purpose. 

As part of our goal to add species to the Species Navigator, we are adding 40 Box-Gum Grassy Woodland Species as part of the Communities in Landscapes Project.  The research into these 40 additional species is well underway, and we expect to add them to the Florabank website in 2011.  We already have 42 Box-Gum Grassy Woodland species on the Species Navigator.  

Species Navigator research involves analysis of the distribution, climatic and soil parameters for each species, as well as ecological data.  The data is integrated into our interactive key format to help people planning restoration or plantings.  Our overall aim is to achieve 600 species on the Species Navigator, to include approximately 80% of the restoration species used in Australia today.