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Florabank Native Seed Training Courses

Seed collectors who work in the Box-Gum Grassy Woodland distribution area in NSW, Vic or Qld and who collect seed for the restoration of Box-Gum Grassy Woodland habitat were eligible to apply for a limited number of subsidised Florabank Professional Development Training places at three NSW courses in 2010. 

Training Dates and Locations 2010

May 25-28 Central West NRM Region - Orange NSW
August 3-6 Murrumbidgee NRM Region - Wagga Wagga NSW
September 14-17  Lachlan NRM Region - Young NSW

Box-gum Grassy Woodland is officially recognised as an Endangered Ecological Community.  The Communities in Landscapes Project and its partner organisations including Greening Australiaís Florabank are working to improve restoration outcomes for Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands. This project is supported by the Communities in Landscapes team through funding from the Australian Governmentís Caring for Our Country.

About Florabank Professional Development Training

Florabank Professional Development Training is designed for seed collectors who already have experience.  It provides information to improve collection methods and results and is based on the latest science and best industry practice.  To date nearly 150 people across Australia have completed this training and 97% reported they have changed their workplace practices as a result of this course.  Even people who have been collecting seed for 15 years have found it valuable.

Eligibility for these three NSW 2010 training courses

This 4-day accredited training course normally costs $1,500 per person. Thanks to the Communities in Landscapes Project, places in three NSW courses in 2010 were available to eligible seed collectors for just $100.  These subsidised places were allocated using the following prioritised criteria: 

  1. People who collect seed in the Lachlan, Murrumbidgee or Central West CMA regions  (or for relevant projects in these three target catchments)
  2. People who collect seed in other CMA regions in NSW, Victoria and Queensland where Box-Gum Grassy Woodlands occur
  3. People who work with native plant species and carry out restoration in the Lachlan, Murrumbidgee or Central West NRM regions and want to improve their skills in seed collection (preferably people in this category have previously done a basic seed collecting course, have equivalent informal experience, or are NRM professionals).  Note that the Communities in Landscapes project will also be running basic seed collection courses for community groups during 2010 and 2011. If you are in category 3, check which course will best meet your needs.

For more information and application forms for Florabank Training with Communities in Landscapes, please contact your local representative:

  • Maryanne Smith  - Community Woodlands Officer (Central West)   email: msmith@landcarensw.org.au  phone:  (02) 6391 3902     mobile:  0457 953 779     
  • Megan Harris - Community Woodlands Officer (Lachlan)  
    email: mharris@landcarensw.org.au  phone: (02) 6380 1701  
    mobile: 0457 953 778 
  • Kimberley Beattie - Community Woodlands Officer (Murrumbidgee)  email: kbeattie@landcarensw.org.au   phone: (02) 6925 7718  mobile: 0457953777

If youíre interested in Florabank training but donít meet the criteria for these subsidised Florabank Professional Development Training Courses, you  can go on the Florabank mailing list to be informed of future Florabank training opportunities.  Contact Florabank

About Communities in Landscapes

The Communities in Landscapes (CiL) project achieves Caring for Our Country targets by increasing native habitat and landscape-scale conservation within national priority White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodlands and derived Native Grasslands (Box-Gum Woodlands) in all its conditions through community engagement and participation and in ways that benefit both the ecosystem and agricultural production.
CiLís nine project partners are Landcare NSW Inc, Conservation Management Network, Stipa Native Grasses, CSIRO, Sydney University, Industry & Investments NSW,  Department Environment, Climate Change & Water (DECCW), Greening Australiaís Florabank and Birds Australia.  The wide range of networks, skills and opportunities provided by these partners and the collaborative method established to prepare and manage the project enables strategic and efficient delivery of services. CiL initially targets the Central West, Lachlan and Murrumbidgee catchments.
The project  uses the logic that landscape-scale change can be achieved by engaging and advising land managers and their communities on practices that are known to benefit resilience in Box-Gum Woodland landscapes, have positive outcomes for production and increase community capacity to carry on these practices beyond the life of the project.

Florabank will contribute by:

  • providing training to improve seed collection practices;
  • developing information about how to collect, propagate and establish Box-Gum grassy woodland species, and
  • developing seed supply plans which enable restoration projects to source appropriate seed in the quantities needed to restore box-gum grassy woodland habitat