Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Industry input for proposed native seed Standards and Accreditation in WA.

Florabank is working with RIAWA, the Revegetation Industry Association of WA, to contribute to their proposed seed standards criteria for the industry in Western Australia.  RIAWA is currently working to develop a document setting out seed quality standards, and then looking at the implementation of procedures for establishing accreditation within RIAWA. 

How can you be involved?

Input from people in the native seed industry is critical to ensure that the resulting standards and accreditation process meet industry needs.  All native seed industry stakeholders across Australia are encouraged to contribute to this process via the RIAWA website http://riawa.com.au/wordpress/  A RIAWA Accreditation and Standards sub-committee has  been set up and will be collating information, research and input from all industry stakeholders over the next few months.

Contribute through Florabank Forums

If you are interested in contributing to a discussion of industry views and ideas, you can register as a Florabank website user and contribute via the Florabank Forum on "Native Seed Industry Issues":  default.asp?V_DOC_ID=760&THREAD_ID=16  Florabank also has other forums available for Florabank Registered Users, including 'People looking for seed'; 'The Provenance Debate'; 'Florabank Feedback' and 'Technical Questions and Answers'. 

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