Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Happy New Year from Florabank: a summary of Florabank's 2009 achievements and 2010 goals

A summary of Florabank's 2009 achievements and future goals

During 2009 Florabank continued work towards improving the availability of native seed for large-scale restoration projects across Australia.  This work has several aspects, based around Florabank's focus on Seed Knowledge, Seed People and Seed Sources. 

We aim to assist the native seed industry to grow so that it can meet the demand for quality seed of the right species, from the right sources, and in the right quantities for local projects by: 

  • improving the quality of seed and efficiency of seed-use through developing strong links with research partners; 
  • developing and providing training for native seed practitioners to improve their skills and improve workplace practices to reflect recent science and industry needs;
  • communicating relevant information to native seed practitioners and research community through the Florabank website and other means; and
  • building and strengthening native seed networks so that people can better find the seed they need.

2009 Florabank Highlights

In 2009, Florabank was funded by Greening Australia. 

Some Florabank highlights of 2009 included:

  • Provision of information and support to people with an interest in native seed via the Florabank website, and through the Florabank team.  Our website usage has approximately tripled since the website re-development in 2007/2008.
  • A major submission to the Agrifood Skills Australia review of the new Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package which outlined a better training pathway for native seed practitioners. Native seed business managers were interviewed to find out the skills required by industry.
  • Delivery of Florabank Certificate III training courses in partnership with CSIRO's Australian Tree Seed Centre.  These courses were in WA with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council in Geraldton WA; and in NSW with the Border River-Gwydir Catchment Management Association and the Murray Catchment Management Association.
  • Development of Accredited training material for future Certificate II-level Florabank training.

In 2009, Florabank was invited to present at:

  • the Australian Seed Conservation and Research partners 10 year celebration in Melbourne of the Australian partner's achievements towards the international Millenium Seedbank Project (based at Kew Gardens in the UK)
  • the Landcare NSW Forum 2009
  • the Revegetation Industry Association of WA (RIAWA) 2009 Forum

Florabank in 2010

In 2010, some of the work that Florabank will focus on includes:

  • "Communities in Landscapes", a new collaborative project led by Landcare NSW, focusing on Box-Gum Woodlands in the Lachlan, Murrumbidgee and Central West CMA Regions of NSW.  This project is funded by the Australian Government's Caring for our Country initiative.  Florabank will provide Florabank training, information and seed supply planning in the project target area. 
  • Improving the accredited training opportunities for native seed professionals by working with Agrifood Skills Australia and the Revegetation Industry Association of WA to develop a training "Skills Set" for native seed professionals so that training qualifications better reflect the skills and knowledge needed in native seed industry workplaces.
  • Delivering Florabank Training with host organisations around Australia.
  • Delivering Florabank Seed Supply Planning for organisations and NRM Regions interested in the strategic development of local native seed supply to better meet restoration objectives.
  • Improving the links between restoration practices and seed research through the Australian Seedbank Partnership - a significant new partnership between the Australian Seed Conservation and Research partners, Florabank, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, and the Australian Network for Plant Conservation.

 Florabank is always interested in the views of people in the native seed sector so that we can work with you to achieve better outcomes.  The Florabank Forums are open to all Registered Florabank website users, and we welcome your contributions.

Please contact Florabank if your organisation is interested in Florabank training, Seed Supply Planning or is in need of other native seed technical services.

The Florabank Team