Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Florabank Training in Berrigan NSW; October 20-23 2009

Florabank Training in Berrigan NSW

October 20-23 2009

Florabank held a Professional Development Training Course for seed collectors in conjunction with the Murray CMA at their seedbank in Berrigan NSW.

The Florabank Training course is designed for people with some prior experience of seed collecting who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Florabank is now registered as a training provider for the FarmReady program (funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests).  This means that primary producers and indigenous land managers can register with FarmReady to do the Florabank training course.  They can then claim for reimbursement of course costs and related expenses from FarmReady.  Information on FarmReady and eligibility can be found here.

CSIRO seed specialist Paul Macdonell and a Greening Australia native seed specialist presented the course.  Feedback from previous Florabank training courses around Australia has been excellent - even people with years of experience working with native seed have found this training valuable.  See more information about Florabank Training here.

People who complete the take-home project for Florabank Training can be assessed for their Florabank-Trained Collector certificate, and the VET accredited Cert III unit FPIFGM3201A "Manage Seed Collection".  This unit can count towards a Certificate in Conservation and Land Management.  

For enrolment enquiries, or to reserve your place at this course, please email florabank@greeningaustralia.org.au