Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Florabank - working in Box Gum Woodlands

Florabank - working in Box Gum Woodlands

Florabank is proud to announce that we are a partner in  "Communities in Landscapes - working together to integrate conservation and production across Box-Gum woodlands".  This  significant partnership project is funded by the Australian Government Caring for our Country program. 

The "Communities in Landscapes" project is led by Landcare NSW Inc, in partnership with Greening Australia and Florabank, the Grassy Box Woodland Conservation Management Network, CSIRO, The University of Sydney, Birds Australia, Stipa, the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the NSW Department of the Environment and Climate Change. 
The project's on-ground focus is in the Central West, Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Catchments but many of the project outcomes will flow across the Box Gum Woodlands through the partner organisations.  The project partners look forward to collaborating with other key organisations including the Catchment Management Authorities.

Florabank's contribution to the project will focus on native seed for box-gum woodland restoration.  We will provide:

 Information on the restoration of key box-gum woodland species through the addition of 40 box-gum woodland species to the Florabank Species Navigator,
 Florabank Training for local seed collectors in box-gum grassy woodland project focus areas (Central West, Lachlan and Murrumbidgee Catchments), and
 Technical support, and seed supply planning (in the project focus areas) to improve the availability of appropriately collected native seed for better restoration of box-gum woodland habitat. 

For further details about this collaborative project, visit the NSW Landcare Incorporated website at http://www.landcarensw.org.au