Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Native Seed Forum, Melbourne September 3 and 4

Native Seed Forum, Melbourne September 3 and 4

This forum celebrated the achievements of the Millenium Seedbank Project in Australia.  The Millenium Seed Bank Project is an international project based in Kew Botanic Gardens in England which is undertaking a bold seed research and conservation collection program to secure and conserve the world's flora.  The Australian Seed Conservation and Research (AuSCaR) partners have played a significant role towards meeting the Australian quota of international seed collection targets for the Millenium Seed Bank Project, and have a goal that by their actions through seed banking no Australian plant species will become extinct. 

The forum was a round up of the seed storage, germination and dormancy research done through the Millenium Seed Bank Project in Australia.  It also included an overview of the Australian seed collection program and targets, and some discussion of seed science delivery for on-ground application. 

Professor Steve Hopper, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Dr Paul Smith, Head of the Millenium Seed Bank Project, Kew, opened the forum.  The new publication "Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia" was launched by the Australian Network for Plant Conservation and AuSCaR.    

Florabank  presented a session at the forum, which was open to all interested parties.   Forum Overview.pdf