Unkown tag : NAVIGATE Training for the native seed sector - comments needed

Training for the native seed sector - comments needed

Native seed accredited training is changing, and we need your feedback!  Agrifood Skills Australia has recently released a new combined training package merging the Conservation and Land Management (RTD03), Rural Production (RTE03) and Amenity Horticulture (RTF03) industry training packages into a single Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package. 

The new package is available for comment on their website until 18 May.  http://www.agrifoodskills.net.au/display_page.php?id=271

Florabank will be making a detailed submission into the new training package and on individual native seed-related units. 

The merged training package includes a new Certificate I unit "Support native seed collection" which was proposed by Florabank.  This is on the website in draft form.  Certificate II and III units relevant to native seed are the same as those in the original Conservation and Land Management training package - these are directly imported across from the Forest Industry training package.  We would appreciate feedback about whether these Certificate I, II and III units fully represent the industry needs of the restoration/revegetation industry sector, and how they might be improved.

We're very interested your views on this if you work with native seeds in a commercial, community or training sense.  Please send any comments on the new training package by May 18 to florabank@greeningaustralia.org.au and we will endeavour to include them in our submission.  You are also welcome to make your own submission to Agrifood Skills Australia via their website.