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Taxonomy Research Project

Do you have trouble accessing taxonomic information about the plants you work with?  Do you know all the tools available?  What is it that you want from taxonomy to help you in your work as a native seed practitioner?

People who use biodiversity information, including native seed practitioners can participate in forums around Australia to improve the way taxonomic research is used, as part of the Taxonomy Research & Information Network (TRIN) research project.  The project aims to:

find out more about the needs and preferences of users of biodiversity information;

identify impediments in the uptake of taxonomic research findings.

A number of 3-hour forums will be held in various locations around Australia from March to May.

If you are interested or want more information, contact:

Helen Eddy-Costa
Knowledge Broker, Knowledge Exchange Project
Taxonomy Research & Information Network
Phone: 02 6246 5115
Email: helen.eddy-costa@csiro.au