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Contribute to Floradata


Floradata is a work in progress and needs your help to grow.


While Floradata has information on over 5000 species, we recognize that this information is far from complete (there are over 30,000 plant species in Australia).  There are many gaps in this database.  The reports you generate may not contain any data, or may contain limited data.  But don't despair! Over the next 5 years, Florabank will research the literature and talk to experts from Australian Seed Conservation and Research (AuSCaR), Botanic Gardens and Universities around Australia to try to fill the gaps in Floradata. 


Tell us what species you need data for

If you request a report and it returns no data, or is missing data, please fill out our  Floradata Information Request.doc.  This will help us to identify the species for which information is most needed.  The species you request will be placed on our priority list, as will species where information is requested through the Florabank 'Technical Questions and Answers Forum' (note - you need to be a registered user to access this Forum). 


Add your information to fill the gaps

We need your help to add to this database and fill the gaps.  You can  Download a Template.xls on which you can record your own data.  When you send this back to Florabank, we can upload it onto Floradata. Your contribution will be acknowledged on Floradata.  We can include a link to your publication or website.