Unkown tag : NAVIGATE New Seed Production Area Guideline

The Corangamite Seed Supply and Revegetation Project has produced a new Seed Production Area Guideline to help people with the key points to consider when planning and establishing a Seed Production Area.  You can download the Corangamite Region's Seed Production Area Guideline here in two parts  Part 1.pdf  Part 2.pdf

Florabank recommends this document to anyone thinking of establishing a Seed Production Area.  It includes information on planning, seed production genetics, design features, maintenance and seeed harvesting, as well as some case studies.

More resources on Seed Production Areas:

  Florabank Guideline No. 7 - Seed production areas for woody native plants is a helpful guide.

Another good Seed Production Area resource from Greening Australia is the following  Seed Production Areas handout.