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Native Vegetation Management Tool

Guidelines for designing, implementing and monitoring revegetation for biodiversity conservation

How to use these guidelines

These revegetation guidelines are designed to specify the processes, techniques and standards required for effective restoration of landscapes for biodiversity conservation. The emphasis is deliberately on restoration. They are designed to assist people and organisations planning revegetation at the landscape-scale as part of an integrated program of protection and repair of existing native vegetation. The guidelines will be of most value to organisations operating at the landscape-scale such as landcare groups, regional natural resource management authorities (CMAs, Natural Resource Management Boards, Catchment Boards etc), local government and non-government environment organisations.


You can follow these guidelines in a step-by-step approach, or you can jump straight to a specific topic. You can look at an introduction to each topic, read detailed descriptions and follow links to relevant web sites and documents. Words that are underlined in the text will be explained in the Glossary.




Actions for restoring native vegetation

Biodiversity at the landscape scale

Biodiversity at the patch scale 


Designing revegetation projects for biodiversity 

Design - site assessment

Design - site use and purpose

Design - Succession theory

Design - Species and provenance selection


Revegetation techniques 

Revegetation techniques

Site preparation

Site preparation - weed control

Site preparation - ground preparation

Site preparation - grazing protection

Site preparation - moisture conservation

Site preparation - frost protection



Maintenance - weed control and assessment 

Maintenance - thinning 

Maintenance - replacement planting


Improving habitat values

Improving habitat value


Measuring success

Measuring success - techniques and principles

Measuring success - what to monitor






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*Greening Australia 2008: David Carr, Kimberlie Rawlings and Penny Atkinson.